October 1, 2021

We announce disclosure of the “Environmental Impact Assessment Consideration Statement for [tentative name] Saga Prefecture Northern Sea Offshore Wind Power Project” (hereinafter, “EIA Consideration Statement”), based on the Environmental Impact Assessment Law.

Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Name of the developer, representative director’s name, and office location

Chapter 2: Purpose and content of the project

Chapter 3: Overview of Project Implementation Area and Surroundings

Chapter 4: Results of surveys, forecasts, and evaluations at the consideration stage

Chapter 5: Name of the business operator who entrusted the EIA Consideration Statement, name of the representative and location of the main business office

Summary of Consideration Statement

Public Notification Locations

​Karatsu City Office

Nagasaki Prefectural Office

Matsuura City Office

Iki City Office

Hirado City Office

Itoshima City Office

Itoshima City Ikisan Community Centre

Itoshima City Fukae Community Centre

Itoshima City Fukuyoshi Community Centre

Itoshima City Kafuri Community Centre

Itoshima City Hikitsu Community Centre

Public Notification Period: 1 October 2021 to 1 November 2021

Public Notification Time: 9 AM to 5 PM


Submission of Opinion Letter

If you have opinions on the consideration statement from the viewpoint of environmental conservation, please download an opinion letter (PDF/Word)and fill in the address, name and opinion (including the reason for the opinion). And please post it to us or mail it to the address below by Monday, November 1 (effective postmark on the day).


1783, Kyomachi, Karatsu, Saga, Japan

Saga Offshore Power K.K / Sakuma

Tel 03-6278-7495